The State of Education in British Columbia

This is a collection of essays written by IPE/BC Fellows or experts that provide a historical, contextualized view of the current state of public education in British Columbia. These short, accessible essays cover topics like school finance, educational politics, curriculum, assessment, technology, special education, indigenous education, and more.

School Finance Policy in British Columbia, 1980 – 2015

Author: Wendy Poole & Gerald Fallon, University of British Columbia

Within the Canadian context, government grants from general revenue supplement local school taxes, and together, these two sources are the foundation for education finance in the provincial school system.  While this is the general rule across Canada, education finance policy has evolved differently in each province and thus there are variations in funding mechanisms in each province. This article provides a brief history of public school finance policy in British Columbia from 1980 to 2015 that contextualizes the emergence of market-driven funding mechanisms that have been in use since 2002.