What are your hopes and dreams for public education in BC? What do you think BC public schools need? What would an equitable, inclusive, and diverse public education system be like?

We don’t often have the time or opportunity to discuss, debate, or engage with each other about the future of public schools and learning. But shouldn’t we be talking about these issues?
“Our Hopes and Dreams for Public Education” is a project of the Institute for Public Education IPE/BC. We will facilitate a community-based discussion and collect data from you that is collated, analyzed, and shared across the province to inform public policy and decision-making.

This project was inspired by a process that began in 2003 with the Charter for Public Education. The Charter was created from passionate discussions about public education with thousands of people from 42 communities around the province and 620 submissions.

Twenty years later, much has changed since the development of the Charter. Life is more complex and stressful for many, and public schools are under pressure. IPE is interested in your “Hopes and Dreams” for public education in BC.

We’d love to hear from you, and here’s how:

  1. Use this handy form to submit your thoughts
  2. Email us at hopesanddreamsipe@gmail.com
  3. Send a direct message to IPE through Facebook or Twitter (@PublicEdBC)
  4. Use the hashtag #hopesanddreamsIPE on Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Send a link of a short video clip you’ve created to hopesanddreamsipe@gmail.com
  6. Share your thoughts with us in person where IPE/BC will be in attendance at several BC education conferences and events.

We invite you, if you belong to an equity-seeking population, to self-identify if you wish to provide context to your response.

Thank you for participating in Hopes and Dreams.