About the Institute for Public Education British Columbia

The Institute for Public Education BC is an independent nonpartisan society that provides high quality information and leadership to build a strong public education system for British Columbia’s children, families, and communities. IPE/BC offers analysis of current educational issues, supports public education, and shares current research findings to enrich dialogue on educational issues in British Columbia.

The Institute is based on three principles: high quality public education for all children, a commitment to democracy and public education’s role in strengthening democratic principles, and public schools that are accessible, which welcome all students. We believe public education is in the public interest.

IPE/BC has a Board of Directors and Institute Fellows committed to these principles through exercising an independent perspective informed by research that seeks to, whenever possible, provide solutions to challenges faced by public education in our province.

Independent Voice

There are many partisan voices heard in discussions of public education. IPE/BC is decidedly nonpartisan and independent, and our goal is to contribute a balanced perspective whilst making an unwavering commitment to public education.

Research Informed Discussion

Through our network of IPE/BC Fellows, leading researchers and education activist across the province, we offer nonpartisan, independent research on key educational issues.

Problem Solving

Based on research we promote solutions that promote our key values of quality, democracy and accessibility to build public education that is fair, equitable and accessible for all. We do this through publications, events and media commentary.