Hopes and Dreams

What are your hopes and dreams for public education in BC?   IPE/BC is conducting a community engagement research project and we’d love to hear from you.

Charter for Public Education

In 2003, British Columbians expressed their hopes and dreams to a panel travelling the province working to develop a framework for future decisions about public education. The result of that venture was the Charter for Public Education. We are the stewards of the Charter and this project explores and promotes the relevance of its promises to quality public education in BC today and in the future.

Funding Public Education

This project explores how much funding and how funding is structured to provide a high quality public education system that meets the needs of all children, families and communities in our province.

State of Education in BC

A collection of essays written by IPE/BC Fellows or experts that provide a historical, contextualized view of the current state of public education. Short, easily accessible essays include topics like school finance, curriculum, assessment, technology, special education, and more.

Assessment & Evaluation

Quality assessment and evaluation are essential for quality learning and schooling. This project critiques simplistic approaches to judging the quality of learning and schooling and provides guidance on progressive policies and practices in educational assessment and evaluation.