Teacher, Administrator and Support Staff Shortages

Solving teacher shortages depends on coming together around shared aspirations for children

“Solving the teacher shortage will take all of us — educational experts, government, school boards, parents, educators and all voters — coming together around a shared desire to create an educational future that reflects genuine aspirations for our children and future generations.”  Kathy Hibbert (published in The Conversation)

Kathy Hibbert is Kathy Hibbert is Distinguished University Professor and Associate Dean, Teacher Education, at the Faculty of Education, Western University.

Teacher shortages and institutional responses

“Where are the leakage points and what action is needed to address them? Each
leakage point requires a clear public policy response and a proactive strategy in order for the teacher shortage to be effectively overcome. There’s no doubt that it will take a comprehensive plan of action, concerted and collaborative work, and adequate funding. But, a strong, stable, and well supported public school system is well worth the effort.” 

A summary report on the March 2024 IPE/BC forum and discussion of the teacher shortage, led by Dr. Dan Laitsch, Dean, Faculty of Education, SFU

Reflections on the teacher shortage: how teachers are paid reinforces the problem

The bigger problem here comes down to the teacher increment ladder. Educators are underpaid for the nine to ten years it takes to reach full salary – the regular rate for the job. This encourages implementation of an extractivist approach to the use of educator labour.”  John Malcolmson

John D. Malcolmson, Ph.D, is a member of the IPE/BC Board of Directors and a consulting sociologist providing research advice to unions on matters relating to compensation.

Attention to staffing shortages urgently needed 

Demand for teachers will only increase with a growing population and expanding expectations of the schools. The problems are already here and will explode into a crisis unless we act now. We need both immediate action and long-term planning and commitments.”   Larry Kuehn

Larry Kuehn is a member of the IPE/BC Board of Directors and chair of the Research and Programs Committee.  He is a research associate for the CCPA and retired BCTF Director of Research and Technology.

Teacher Shortages are a global challenge: Why improving the attractiveness of the profession is critical to ensure SDGs are achieved 

“Policy responses will need to consider local and regional factors driving teachers from the profession to best improve retention rates in each context. The data and analyses presented can enable countries to develop improved policies that ensure the dignity and value of teaching as well as support and sustain qualified teacher workforces.”  International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030

The International Task Force on Teachers for 2030 is hosted by UNESCO and has over 160 members including 160 members including national governments, international organisations, international NGOs and CSOs and foundations