Education for Social Justice and Sustainability

Dismantling Spherical Cows: Advancing Social Justice in STEM Education

“This paper explores the divide between a presumed value-laden Social Justice education and a presumed value-free STEM education. By examining the colonial legacies of STEM, as well as the Great White Men of STEM, the authors problematize these constructs and commonplace responses to them. The paper concludes by offering some specific recommendations for how a contextualizing, critical pedagogy might occur in the social justice oriented STEM classroom.”  Dr. Öslem Sensoy

Dr. Öslem Sensoy is a professor on the Faculty of Education at SFU and Associate Director for the Center for Law, Education and Society at SFU.   Her research interests include social justice education, anti-oppression and anti-racism education, and critical media literacy. She holds a PhD in Multicultural Education and a MA in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization.

Connecting with Nature: Learning to be Part of the Dance

Shaila Shams writes about the work of Dr. Sean Blenkinsop and Dr. Mark Kettes in SFU’s Faculty Research Spotlight Series.

“Learning about the Indigenous epistemology driven place-based education was an eye opener for me. The incredible work of the researchers helped me evaluate the dominant ideologies of education and their impact on our practices in a new light.  What resonated with me the most was the philosophy  of decolonizing education from an anthropocentric view and reconceptualizing education in a more holistic, inclusive way to teach us to live  in harmony with nature. Working on this write-up during COVID-19 pandemic was a blessing in disguise as it motivated me to learn more about nature, the interdependence of lives and beings , and pushed me to question the current educational system that promotes human-centric activities and practices and their impacts.” Shalia Shams

Shaila Shams is a PhD candidate in Language, Cultures and Literacies program at SFU.   She has a Masters degree in Applied LIngusitics and an undergraduate degree in English Literature, and experience lecturing in the Bangladeshi higher education sector.  Shaila’s research interests include language and identity, and her published work includes the study of imperialism and the role of online social networks in language teaching.