Public Education and Privatization

Self-checkout education 

“Neoliberal efforts to transform public education existed prior to the pandemic; however, the uncertainty of this moment has created openings to further these endeavors. Despite an utter lack of research about sustained online learning in the K-12 context, investments in e-frastructure made through the pandemic are now being used to advance online learning across Canada. Through an interview-based study, Teachers’ Homework: Online Learning Through COVID19, we spoke to 14 teachers from across Manitoba about their experiences “pivoting” to an online environment. Through this article, we share three prevalent themes from the interviews: deprofessionalizing, demoralizing, dehumanizing.”  Dr. Shannon  DM Moore, Dr. Bruno de Oliveira Jayme

Dr. Shannon DM Moore is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba, where she teaches courses in media education, social studies education, social justice pedagogy, and research methodologies.  She previously taught social studies and English in the K-12 public school system. Dr. Moore’s research interests include the incorporation of media education and theories of social justice into the social studies context, the ways in which youth make sense of sexualities conveyed in digital media, and the impact of neo-liberal policies on public schools and schooling.

Dr. Bruno de Oliveira Jayme is also an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba where he teaches courses on curriculum leadership, cultural leadership and social learning through the arts, art-based teaching and education research, and developing a responsive pedagodgy among others.  In addition to teaching at the university level, Dr. Jayme has taught elementary and secondary students in BC, Manitoba and Brazil. His research interests include critical pedagogies, arts-based education, social justice and civic engagement, and media literacies.

After 60 years, do the arguments for K-12 vouchers still hold?

“Public education is a public interest, but there are also real questions related to funding, governance, and the role of private industry in provision of education to the public. These questions can, and should, be informed by research data and scholarly analysis. This article explores the the arguments for K-12 voucher programs in light of 60+ years of gathered research evidence.” Dr. Dan Laitsch

Dr. Daniel Laitsch is the Chairperson of the Institute for Public Education’s Board of Directors.  He is a founding director for the Centre for Study of Educational Leadership, Associate Professor at SFU and Director of the SFU Surrey Campus Liaison, Faculty of Education. His research interests include examining the use of research by teachers, application of research to inform policy and practice and policy analysis.